Nov 10, 2010

电子书 Anti-hacker tool kit

Anti-hacker tool kit —— Mike Shema & Bradley C. Johnson

"Using these tools yourself during an audit will help you find the weaknesses in your systems. This is an excellent reference book--one I plan to keep handy." --Simple Nomad, Noted security expert and author of The Hack FAQ and Pandora Put an End to Hacking. Stop hackers in their tracks using the tools and techniques described in this unique resource. Organized by category, "Anti-Hacker Toolkit" provides complete details on the latest and most critical security tools, explains their function, and demonstrates how to configure them to get the best results. New and updated case studies in each chapter illustrate how to implement each tool in real-world situations. Protect your network and prevent disasters using the cutting-edge security tools and exclusive information in this completely up-to-date volume.Explains how to configure and use these and other key tools: Port scanners: Nmap, SuperScan, IpEye, Scanline Enumeration tools: smbclient, nbtstat, Winfingerprint Web vulnerability scanners: Nikto, WebSleuth, Paros, wget Password crackers: PAM, John the Ripper, L0phtCrack Backdoors: VNC, Sub7, Loki, Knark System auditing tools: Nessus, Retina, STAT, Tripwire Packet filters and firewalls: IPFW, Netfilter/Iptables, Cisco PIX Sniffers: snort, BUTTSniffer, TCPDump/WinDump, Ethereal Wireless tools: NetStumbler, Wellenreiter, kismet War dialers: ToneLoc, THC-Scan Incident response tools: auditpol, Loggedon, NTLast Forensics tools: EnCase, Safeback, Ghost, md5sum, FTK Miscellaneous tools: Netcat, Fpipe, Fport, Cygwin, and many more CD-ROM contains all the security tools discussed in the bookAbout the authors: Mike Shema is the Director of Research for NT Objectives, Inc. He is theauthor of "HackNotes Web Security Pocket Reference" and co-author of "Hacking Exposed Web Applications," both from McGraw-Hill/Osborne. Bradley C. Johnson is a network security specialist with a great deal of experience designing, implementing, and maintaining secure networks. He is the co-author, with Mike Shema, of the first edition of this book.
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